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On my rambling trip on the Internet I discovered this pearl of a resource anthology for Bogomilism:

The controversy over the ancient dualist heresy remains with us.

Recently, a thread among otherwise rational Political Analysts has been to label George W.Bush’s ideological platform Manichaean; an incredible insult to the thoroughly pacifist and harmless Manichaeans – but also an misnomer, since the Manichaean dualism, religious dualism – that is, is not Cartesian Mind-Body dualism, but a spiritual dualism; which presupposes a genesis out of two original sources; these two sources, in the ontological view of the religions we speak of – cannot possibly be Spirit and Matter, but rather two Spiritual powers (even more controversial to post-Augustinian Orthodoxy) which, on the “horizontal” plane of existence – necessarely are equally represented and equally vital to the reality as perceived by the religionists themselves; as such one is only measured against the other by the medium of Man (the observer), and as Man is neither Good or Evil at default (another controversy), because he is born into unconsciousness.

The Manichaeans and other Dualists have really been sold cheap, even by wellmeaning scholars and rather tendencial “supporters” after Voltaire and onwards.. but not as bad as the Bogomil Church.

They got everything hurled against them, every scathing remark, every sarcasm, every evil-minded rumour..and of course, nobody understood them.

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  1. I would like to know if there are bogomil churches or was that too a moot point for the sect. And if there are do they still exist, are there practicing bogomils? if so where? in the states or just in small regions of the balkans? and if not- about what point of time were they wiped out or dissolved? I’m also curious to find out more details about the sect and what intracicies it beleived or didn’t believe in.

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