Welcome to the Blogroll,Scott

Scott Rassbach from Wisconsin has created a new blog named The Eight Sermon to the Dead. A nice alliteration, since gnostically speaking Eight might actually be even more potent a number than the traditionally accepted sacred number seven. Scott is involved with the Apostolic Johannite Church, which is presided over by Primate Shaun McGann, and of which my old internet sparring partner Jordan Stratford is an ordained priest.

We’ve got no way of knowing what goes on in eachothers communions, unless, of course – we keep eachother informed. The Gnostic Blogosphere is excellent for that type of “silent communication”, especially regarding Eccleasiastical Gnosticism, a term I am vary of – not only because of the traditional connotations to the exterior organizational structures with which most readers of this blog is probably quite familiar with; practically, the degree of involvement and investment is of a somewhat different color in a modern day Gnostic “revivalist” setting, but also because of the unsettled status of the modern term Gnosticism.