Some Gnostic bloggers (+related) added

I have neglected updating the blogroll somewhat… the rediscovery of Lesa’s great research at The Magdalene Review were a great thrill.

Another old blogging acquiantance of mine, Dan, has performed a successful resurrection (reformulation) of

his Taognostic weblog.

Rev.B has a blog out there, where he recently mused about the “recent explosion of Gnosis in the world”…I am also grateful there is such a profound increase of testimonies, discussions and sharing among Gnosis oriented people here on the Internet, I saw it coming already in 1994 when I logged on and discovered a great many people I never expected to find there, and a great deal of really lucid information on the subject. Welcome aboard, Voodoobilly.. 🙂

The Gnostic Agnostic.. is a rather quiant concept, from my vantage point its a surface paradox, like the injunction to “keep two thoughts in our mind at the same time”… the blog, however, is really well written and thoughtprovoking.

Another really good read I feel I should mention in the same breath is The Funeral of the Real

Pauline Kilear’s blog Dodging Invisible Rays is also worth a read.

Not alone as a Gnostic Blogger in Europe, in Scotland there’s a blogger who goes by the nickname of A Glasgow Gnostic..