Welcome to the Blogroll, Jacob and Teresa

Back in the days, when I were a wild eyed fanatic, freshly emerged from a hermit-like situation with regards to orientation, attitude and reading – I knew two special people who shared my passion for all things Gnostic, Mystical and obscure: Jacob and Teresa.

Jacob arrived first.Jacob is a rock musician and composer of some artistic skill and integrity studying comparative religion at the University of Oslo when we first met. He had just finished a study of the mystical philosophy of Plotin which he had prefaced with a quote from British rock band The Police‘s undying classic Spirits in the Material World, he had also finished the first of by now four albums with his progressive (really, implacable – but thats what Proggrock means to most, after all) rock group White Willow, Ignis Fatuus. Which were followed five years later with a rivetingly beautiful Ex Tenebris, and my favourite Sacrament.

Last year they released Storm Season, I am a bit ashamed to announce I have not been able to get hold of it.

This year White Willow will record their 5th studio album.

I suspect Jacob’s approach has been more eclectic and Hermetic oriented than mine all along, in many ways he has more strings, more references than I can dream of acquiring with regards to the in and outs of our Western culture and its always active spiritual undercurrents. It has something to do with the curiousity and intensity of attention and passion which is inalienably connected with the calling of the artist.

Jacob and Teresa married in 1997 and celebrated with a Gnostic Wedding service at Jacob’s home in Asker, held by Reverend Father Jan Valentin Saether. I was privileged to both be a guest and assist during the ceremony.

Now they are busy parents expectant of no.2 (a daughter, so they have a matching set soon), with a son of 18 months and some.

Teresa is an artist as well, and like her husband, a poetic soul. Its good to see old friends again, even though its just on the net presently.