I am not dead

I am perfectly aware that there has been a long, perhaps loud, silence on my blog the last nine months. It has been an unplanned sabbatical – which gave me a chance to catch up on my studies, work work work, tend to my family, prepare to take over the main responsibilites with the Ecclesia Gnostica ministry

in Oslo, as my good friend, Right Revd.Jan Valentin Saether is going to move to France.
I wish him all the best in that endeavour and hope to be able to visit him and that reciprocally we will meet on an occasional basis here in Oslo. I am deeply grateful for the advice, instruction and friendship I have had with him the last eleven years.It is a really melancholy situation, but put my trust in our dear lady Sophia and the indwelling Logos that I will be able to carry on the work, since thats where my heart is.

I have also had a disillusionment about the phenomenon of “Internet Gnosticism”, I am not accusing anyone of being exclusively “online” in their spirituality and orientation, but do feel that the sense of radical intimacy and communion is better tended “in person” than in some kind of “astral” neverland.

I intend to keep this blog going, but will only write occasional posts on topics that inspires me, specifically Gnostic (I’ll make another blog eventually for “other” topics). Until I write again, I wish you a merry Incarnation of the Divine Logos in and through us.

Pax Pleromae,