Merry Descent and Incarnation of the Holy Logos

A Manichaean Hymn to Jesus

We stand all of one mind

and we will reach out our hands in invocation,

And rest our eyes upon thy form.

And our mouths we open invoke Thee,

and our tongues prepare for praise.

Thee we invoke, who art the fullness of life.

Thee we praise, Jesus the Brilliant! New Aeon!

Thou art, Thou art the God who performs Truth,

a noble Healer, the most beloved Son, the most loved Self.

Come with grace, liberated Lord!

Come with aid, good Spirit, Apostle with Peace,

Helper of the frail and Conqueror of Aggressors!

Come with grace, new Lord!

Come with grace, Redeemer of the subjected!

Healer of the wounded!

Come with grace, Awakener of the Sleeping and

Arouser of the Fatigued,

Thou who Causeth the dead arise!

Come with grace, mighty God and hallowing Voice!

Come with grace, true Word, great Luminary, and

flooding Light!

Come with grace, new Lord of the new Day!

Come with grace, Gift of the good, Blessing of the frail, Revered of the Holy!

Come with grace, Loving Father and Just Judge

of those who have sought refuge with thee!

Come with grace, Father, Thou wh art our stout protection and firm faith!

Now, Just dealer, peace be upon us!

And have mercy upon us and love us, Benefactor who Himself art all Love.

And reckon us not together with the rebels.

Save thouse who have sought refuge and have mercy upon us, O most Beloved and Loving!

We have beheld Thee, New Aeon, And we have fallen at thy fet, Thou who art all Love.

Drunk with joy we have seen Thee, Loving Lord.

And we avow Thy name, Messiah, sunder us from amid the deficient, and free us from

amid the aggressors!

O Lord, we are thine own, have mercy upon us!

Hasten hither and subdue the rebellion!

For it has become insolent and have spoken thus:

“We are the ones and there is none like us!”.

Therefore exercise Thy power, and cast the aggressors and enemies down.

We praise Thy name, that is all Light, and Thy name, Father!

Praise be to thy name, Father!

And devotion to Thy Greatness!

So be it, Now and Ever More!


Thus the psalm was sung to the revelation of Primal Man, the Christ,

Agathos Daimon, Nous, the Luminary which is Light, the God that

is Love. For the raising of the divine sparks, for the quickening of the

breath and pulse of the Living – eighteen hundred years ago, or so.

It does pretty much encompass all the mysteries, in the open and in

the depths, that I have found contained, also, in Jesus Christ.

A Merry Descent, Incarnation and glorious Revelation of our Saviour,

the Repairer, the Logos, Christ – to all.