old bits of news

I am constantly putting off writing anything on this blog. Last time I checked a whole year had gone by.

2007 was actually a year full of small yet significant events. I got the chance to travel in my own country.

I met new people, I quit the dream of ever becoming a librarian, or at least put it all on hold – I got to enjoy

being a sales clerk for a Book shop nearby.

About the Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia parish here in Oslo; We have met every fortnight and during the holy season, and held two baptisms during the autumn, thus concluded ten years (plus) of the Capella Santa Sophia.

Late in December 2007 we moved the Chapel out of Brugata 3 to

a temporal home; charming, functional but cramped.

In 2007 I purchased and enjoyed
The Who:Endless Wire – a concept album which show we cannot quite write off The Who just yet (a dozen worn out albums in our vinyl stack says we wont write them off at all).
Porcupine Tree: Fear of a Blank Planet and the EP Nil Recurring ; I discovered PT relatively late, medio 2004 with Signify, which was from 2001, and must admit I grown into a bit of a fan, and so has my wife, May. We both enjoy good Progressive Rock, challenging and atmospheric Pop/Rock and the more melodic variants of contemporary Jazz, and PT turns out to have all of it and some more. I also got the chance to order Radiohead‘s InRainbows directly on the Internet, both the album and the boxed set (which has a handful tunes on the bonus CD I just wouldn’t want to be without after having listened to the album as a whole on a rather heavy rotation schedule),

Thom Yorke&co have my thanks for a fine musical experience, as well as some amusing headlines in the newspapers.