Testing out ScribeFire

I am very much on the go these days, so I do not get to write much to my Blog. Rather, it’s a question of
having time to find out or think about something to share with you that is the issue.
Some things on my agenda these days

  • Training for the vocation of Priest in Ecclesia Gnostica Norvegia with Right Revd. Jan Valentin Saether. While we are shacked up in a temporary location for our chapel and many things are in transition and unsettled, after 5 years basking in the privileges of being a deacon, and after discussing this with the parishioners on many occasions, I have decided to concentrate on qualifying myself for ordination to the Gnostic Priesthood.
  • Throughout the years I have written thousands of pages of material…stop, well, at least many hundreds. I need to edit, order, proof, amend and finish some of the material. It has been helpful for me both to write it, and to return to it at later stages on my journey in life.
  • Prepare some introductory lectures and possibly even workshops which can open up the fertile landscape of the Gnostic Myth to others.
  • Actually redesign and repurpouse our old Parish website: there are updates to be made, better introduction into what we are doing, as well as a calendar to give an idea of when it’s happening.

First impression of ScribeFire: it works for me, since I am used to using Wordpad. Perhaps I should explain just what ScribeFire is – it is a plugin
application for the Mozilla Firefox browser that enables quick creation and editing of blog posts to most of the popular blog platforms. What I initially looked for was quick and comprehensive access to editing features. It looks like I got that.Perhaps it will help me keep more up to date.