A prayer of Vladimir Soloviev to the Divine Sophia

“In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Ain-Soph, Jah, Soph-Iah.
With an unutterable, terrible and almighty name
I adjure the gods, demons,peoples and all living beings.
Gather into one the rays of your power, enclose the source
of your desire and be the participants of my prayer:
let us exert outselves to catch the pure azure of Zion,
let us discover the priceless pearl of Ophira, and may
the roses and lilies be united in the vale of Sharon.
The most holy Divine Sophia, the essential image of
beauty and the joy of the all-high God, the radiant body
of eternity, the soul of the world and the unique queen
of all souls, with the boundlessness of thy unspeakable and
gracious first and beloved son I beg of thee: descend into
the prison of the soul, fill our gloom with thy brilliance,
with the fire of thy love having melted the shackles of
our spirit, present unto us the light and freedom, in a visible
and substantial way manifest thyself unto us, incarnate
thyself in us and in the world, resurrecting the fulness
of the ages, that the deeps may be encompassed and that
god may be all in all.”

Vladimir Soloviev.