Blogging Hotspots:The Forbidden Gospels Blog

Blogging Hotspots: The Forbidden Gospels Blog

Professor April DeConick belongs to the new generation of scholars who have engaged the background for the New Testament and it’s reception with less filers and academic bias than their preceeding generation.

To be said for their predecessors is that they actually anticipated, and were pretty much agreed upon that such scholars were needed in the future.

Dr. DeConick teaches early Jewish and Christian thought to students at Rice University in –

Houston,Texas, I feel quite confident that her students will in the future become the new pioneers who will take over the heavy responsibility of opening up the past to their generation. The inheritance from the Jewish and Christian religion in our culture, even that of heterodox,heretic and “forbidden” – are formidable, and what is not brought into consciousness, good or bad, are bound to participate in us as an autonomous, dischordant presence, the better we have communicators, analysts, exegetics and discerning historians – engage the topic for us and give us occasion to realise what is going on.

I thoroughly enjoy Dr. DeConick’s occasional Apocryphote fragments from the heterodox/heretical/forgotten traditions of Christendom, which themselves merit a visit to her blog.