“For I had gone down below their language”

The idealism of Plato informed the ancient Gnostics in their metaphysics, which counter to the
chauvinism against so-called Sophism in Antiquity, was rooted in a new Image of Man.
Coupled with this figure, which is of a different kind entirely than the self-image of preceding
generations (leaving Kings and Shamans be the category they are to themselves, as much as
they were laws unto themselves, that is) – were a new day, a new alertness, a new cosmology,
a new process of unveiling the true nature and reality of all mysteries, natural and supernatural.

In the Apocryphal accounts we find that when Adam is awoken from his sleep, which some Gnostic myths negate or translate into other things, he is addressed directly and replies to the call, either of his counterpart, Eve, or of
an angelic host. At the determining moment, which seals Adam’s fate and plight, Eve turns to him and teaches him a secret; this secret in turn, unifies them in the capacity of “understanding more than their creator(s)”.
Two people that are united in the confidence of a secret are unified continously, as they not only remind eachother of themselves, but also of the secret that they hold in common.
The same goes for the blessing of the brotherly bread and brotherly wine – given the context of a new covenant which is secret, which exist between a chosen company of friends, at the last supper. Here also Jesus divulges
a secret, and the secret which is shared is devoured and assimilated by his friends – this secret becomes Jesus among them, and Jesus in them – and will, with a bright flash of recognition, become the Christ in and among them through the mystery of Pentecost.

The Protennoia speaks of her first descent thusly:

I am the first one who descended on account of my portion which remains, that is, the
Spirit that dwells in the soul, which originated from the Water of Life, and out of the
immersion of the mysteries. And I spoke, I, together with the Archons and Authorities.

I had gone down below their language

,and I spoke my mysteries to my own – a hidden mystery
and the bonds and eternal oblivion were nullified. And I bore fruit in them,
that is, the Thought of the unchanging Aeon, and my house, and their Father. And I went
down to those who were mine from the first, and I reached them and broke the first strands
that enslaved them. Then everyone of those within me shone, and I prepared a pattern for
those ineffable Lights that are within me. Amen. Trimorphic Protennoia, (NHC XIII,1.)

Christ became Silence, so that the secret that exists prior to that Silence might have an opportunity to
resurrect in us and ascend through us, and return as fullness which encompasses all stages of existence,
beyond the categories, and below language.